Wisconsin State Fair Park

Wisconsin State Fair Park

Located in West Allis, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Fair Park is an exhibition center that has been hosting the state fair since 1892. The Fair is open year-round and hosts a variety of expeditions. Read on to learn more.


The Wisconsin State Fair has been an integral part of Wisconsin culture for 126 years. This fun-filled event takes place for eleven days each year. Usually, it runs from late July through early August. It is held in a variety of locations, including Fond du Lac, Madison, and Milwaukee.

The first State Fair took place in Janesville and was sponsored by the State Agricultural Society. This event was the largest reported gathering in Wisconsin history. The first fair featured 200-pound squash, a quarter-acre plowing competition, and teams of horses.

A few weeks later, the first state fair in West Allis took place. The event was hosted by the Wisconsin Agricultural Society and the first State Fair Park was opened. This new location included a 6,000-seat Grandstand and exhibit buildings.

Exposition Center

One of the largest exhibit facilities in Wisconsin is the state fair park in West Allis. The park hosts hundreds of events every year. It’s an ideal venue for trade shows, consumer shows and even social functions. The best part is you can rent the entire park or just some of its most popular venues. The state fair is the most prestigious event in the state, boasting a massive attendance of over 1 million visitors during its 11 day run in August. The Wisconsin State Fair is a 168 year old tradition.

The Exposition Center is located in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. In addition to being an exhibition venue, the facility is home to a slew of other attractions including the Pettit National Ice Center and the Original Cream Puff Pavilion. A great place to also visit is Greenfield Park.


If you’re looking for a good time, check out some of the concerts at Wisconsin State Fair Park. There are many local and national artists performing at the event. Several are free and some have very affordable tickets.

Aside from the large selection of food and drinks, you’ll also find games and rides. There are also plenty of sweet snacks to go around. You’ll find a variety of gluten-free options as well.

The biggest music venue at the Wisconsin State Fair is the Bud Pavilion. This is where you’ll see the best cover bands from southeast Wisconsin. There are also a couple of other smaller stages that feature local artists.

Sconnie Slugger ($12)

One of the biggest draw cards to the Wisconsin State Fair is its food and beverage offerings. Hundreds of food concessionaries are scattered throughout the park, and there is no shortage of carnival rides to occupy the kids. Fortunately, if you have a hankering for some fried food, you can’t go wrong.

The Sconnie Slugger is a mashup of a locally made beer brat and cheese curds that’s topped with a bit of dijonaise and a dash of German sweet and sour cabbage. It’s a surprisingly good burger, and you can get it at Miller Lite Sports Bar & Grill, which reimagined the classic corn dog.

Wells Fargo $5 Day

Wells Fargo is working in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Fair to help raise awareness and funds for the Hunger Task Force. The Hunger Task Force is dedicated to ending hunger in the state of Wisconsin. Their interactive display offers tasty samples from local food producers, a photo op on a Hunger Task Force Farm tractor and music.

For this fundraiser, Wells Fargo is offering its customers $5 admission to the Wisconsin State Fair. They can donate a jar of peanut butter or cash to the Hunger Task Force. Once they do, they will receive a voucher for $5 admission to the fair.

The Wisconsin State Fair runs from August 4 to 14 in West Allis. The park opens at 10 a.m. on weekdays and closes at 10 p.m. on weekends. Parking is free on weekdays and $2 on weekends. If you need parking, you can purchase in advance.

Veterans & Military Recognition Day

The Wisconsin State Fair is a staple of summer in Wisconsin. It takes place at the fairgrounds in West Allis. It boasts a wide range of activities including thrilling rides, a large collection of pavilions, and numerous animals barns. Several social events and tradeshows have also been held here.

The Wisconsin State Fair is a massive undertaking. Although it is only open on certain days, it remains the highlight of the year. For a modest fee, you can park in one of many parking lots or pay to park at the gate. Alternatively, you can rent a section of the park or the whole shebang. Ticket prices vary, but a single day ticket is around $40. If you’re going for more than a day, consider buying a season pass. Discover more interesting article.



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