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I am very impressed with the quality of this house power washing. The service man was on time, explained the process, and left everything clean and bright. I was especially impressed with how conscientious he was, i.e., would you like me to save the birds' nest above the light fixture? (Yes). Highly recommended.

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Our Safe House Washing System Is Ideal

Soft Wash Your Home With Our Pink Solution

Your home is a place of relaxation and peace, but dirt and grime can leave you in despair. With the glamour gone, your home could be the eyesore that has turned the curb appeal off and made friends and family not want to visit. With our cleaning process, you will be able to regain the beauty of your home and leave the embarrassment behind. 

Our DeMark’s professionals will assess the exterior areas that need to be cleaned and move aside any furniture or plants before beginning the cleaning process. We will use our soft clean house washing system featuring our Pink solution, a unique pink spray that contains a disappearing colorant that assists our professionals with making sure all areas of your home are fully cleaned. This new technology reduces the risk of overspray, ensuring the soft wash provides a thorough cleaning restoring your home’s exterior to a clean and fresh appearance. Additional benefits of using our soft wash system include:


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The Great Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home

Your home’s beauty does not have to fade over time because of dirt invading your exterior.

Soft washing is a great way to eliminate the irritants on your home. Having your home cleaned will bring a healthier peace of mind to you and your family and get rid of the worry of the dirt being a permanent part of your home. 

What are the benefits of soft washing my home?

  • Environmentally Friendly – At DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning we take pride in being eco-friendly and responsible. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for pets, plants, and children. The detergents we use are also EPA-Certified and biodegradable but are still tough enough to remove dirt, mold, and debris. 
  • Kills Irritants – Once DeMark’s soft washes your home, the irritants that live on it will be killed and the health of your home will be restored. 
  • Home Longevity – Your home will see longevity once it is soft-washed, eliminating the extensive and expensive damage.
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What Makes DeMark's Different?

You will receive experience and knowledge when you choose to have your exterior areas cleaned. We take pride in providing knowledge about our process with our work.

Professionalism and friendliness are what drives us to be the best. We work hard to show our customers we care about their home and their time.

We use advanced technology cleaning equipment and products for the best results when cleaning your exterior areas. 

Your home will be cleaned with the best cleaning products in the market and will shine with beauty after our professional cleaning process.

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Get Your House Washed

Avoid the Excuses

Being busy in your day to day may be something that keeps you from cleaning your home, but your home still needs the love and care of being clean to keep its structural integrity. Leaving dirt and mold on your home can cause an extensive amount of damage that can leave you paying for repairs. Without the proper care of your home, it will lack the love it needs. 

Let our professionals come and clean your home and restore the structural integrity and care to keep its curb appeal.


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Why Is Soft Washing My Home Important?

Your home is your sanctuary and it needs the proper maintenance to keep its structure.

The care for your home should be at its very best when providing protection for you and your family from outside elements. Hiring a professional to soft wash your home is all a part of caring for it when the time comes. Our DeMark’s cleaning professionals will provide you with superior service by making your home a priority. We will take away the eyesore of dirt built on it with a professional soft wash. 

Will my home be permanently damaged if it is not properly maintained?

The answer is yes. Permanent damage can be caused by dirt and grime if you ignore cleaning your home when the time comes. The winter season will also cause an excessive amount of damage with moisture causing mold and mildew. In the summer months, the beaten-down areas become worse with discoloration, the smell of mildew, and grime continuing to grow.

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