Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If you are looking for a great indoor park to spend some quality time with your kids, there are several in the area that you may want to consider. One of them is the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Waukesha WI. This place has plenty of activities for the entire family and is a fun way to spend a day together. There are many great features here, including free bouncing, fitness programs, dodgeball, and more. Click here for more info.


There are lots of attractions at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Waukesha. This is a world-class facility that has more than a dozen trampoline attractions. It is open for all ages and welcomes people of all abilities. If you want to enjoy some fun and healthy activity, then Sky Zone is the place to go. Here, you can try out some of the latest innovations, including the aerial ladder, Glow jump and the Ninja Warrior course.

Sky Zone also has a foam pit. The facility offers a range of packages, from $299 to $799. You can even purchase a Parent Pass, which gives you 50% off the retail attraction pass price. There is a special rate for kids under 5 years old. However, they must be in a safety harness. You can check out the latest pricing information online.

The facility is also home to an indoor climbing structure that looks like a rock wall. The Climbing Walls feature an interactive system that allows you to climb through different levels.


If you’re looking for a new way to have some fun, you should check out Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Waukesha Wisconsin. This is an amusement center that is great for family outings, as it features 20 different attractions. In addition to the usual suspects, it also offers a small ninja course and massage chairs for parents.

There are a lot of reasons to visit a trampoline park, not the least of which is the novelty bouncing you get. This 30,000 square foot complex is filled with all sorts of bouncing devices and activities. It also boasts an airbag for a bit of extra safety, and a large free jump area for those who like to kick back. In terms of size and variety, this is the best trampoline center you’ll find in the state.

The biggest drawback to the Sky Zone is the price, which is a hefty $99 for a one-day pass. If you don’t have this type of cash on hand, though, there is always the option of renting a private room to play in. This allows for a private session without having to pay for someone else to take your place. Visit another area in town here.

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If you are looking for a high-flying experience, Sky Zone in Waukesha, WI is the place to be. Its high-flying activities include the aforementioned ninja warrior course and the best in class free jump area. This aptly named attraction will also feature six new and noteworthy bouncing attractions.

Aside from the free jump area, which features angled trampolines, the Sky Zone in Waukesha, Wisconsin offers a plethora of high-flying activities. One of the more notable features of this indoor edutainment center is the fact that it’s located in an office depot. In addition to its posh location, the building itself is an ideal venue for a good time. Its occupants are well-suited to a romp through the foam maze.

While this facility is not yet open to the public, you can plan your next trampoline fueled escapade with ease. Several options are available, including party packages, birthday parties, and special events.


If you are looking for a fun place for your children to spend the day, consider visiting Sky Zone. This trampoline park offers a wide array of activities. They also offer birthday parties. Whether your child is a beginner or an expert, they will love jumping and bouncing at this park.

There are several packages for different price ranges. There are two options that include 60 to 120 minutes of jump time, grippy SkySocks for all the participants, and a snack bar for refreshments. The cost will vary depending on the franchise, but you can expect to pay between $299 and $799.

Sky Zone is a trampoline park that is open to all ages. Besides the regular jump time, the facility is equipped with an arcade, a small ninja course, and a foam pit. They also have a limited concession stand. It is a good venue for field trips, birthday parties, and corporate team building events. Click here for the next blog post.



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