Frame Park Formal Gardens

Frame Park Formal Gardens

Frame Park is a great place to spend a day. The park is located along the Waukesha River and offers many different amenities. Some of these include sand volleyball, baseball courts, an amphitheater, and floating piers. Read this first!

History of Hobo Spring

In the early 1800s, a man by the name of John Schuler had a hard time farming his land. As a result, he was looking for the elusive holy grail, and decided to try his hand at brewing. While he wasn’t particularly successful, he did make a few friends along the way. The ensuing venture spawned an eponymous brewery. Among other things, the brewery included a basement tavern.

A few years later, another brewer by the name of August Buhler took the helm and built a brewery of his own. His isn’t the only brewery in Waukesha, although it may be the only one you can visit today. For instance, a new company by the name of Raised Grain Brewing Company has just opened its doors in the borough.

Schuetze Recreation Center

Frame Park in Waukesha, WI offers recreational activities, great landscapes, and an amphitheater for outdoor events. The park is home to local youth baseball teams and the Schuetze Recreation Center. It also features the Formal Gardens, a garden dedicated to Andrew J. and Emma R. Frame, who donated 35 acres of land to the city.

Formal Garden at Frame Park is a botanical urban gem. This 38-acre park includes 18 annual flower beds, six colorful perennial areas, and 11 fragrant rose beds. Many varieties of flowers are in bloom, including lilacs, roses, and blooming tulips.

The park includes a paved trail parallel to the Fox River. The scenic path leads to downtown Waukesha.


The Formal Gardens at Frame Park are a botanical urban gem in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It features thousands of blooming flowers. There are 18 annual flower beds and 11 fragrant rose beds.

These gardens are a favorite for wedding photographers. They also host concerts, theatrical performances, and festivals. In addition, the gardens are home to pollinator plants and educational gardens.

The park also offers a large outdoor performance amphitheater. This amphitheater is rented for musical and theatrical performances. Besides the amphitheater, the park includes a river walk, formal gardens, and a playground.

Frame Park is one of the most popular attractions in Waukesha. It is a great destination for family reunions and company outings. This article is worth to read.

Floating piers

Frame Park, located in Waukesha, is a great spot to get some exercise. It features several outdoor amenities, including the two fenced-in baseball diamonds, a quaint formal garden, and a scenic walking path.

The formal garden is a hive of activity, with over a dozen flowering shrubs, trees, and perennials. The park is also home to two parks and two playgrounds, as well as a couple of sand volleyball courts. A new addition, courtesy of the City of Waukesha Park Recreation and Forestry, is a kayak launch, making this a destination for family fun on a beautiful spring day.

Frame Park is a logical place for a family picnic. There are several spots on the water where you can take in the scenery, and even rent a canoe.

Sand volleyball & baseball courts

Frame Park Formal Gardens is a great park for the entire family. Located on the Fox River, this park offers a playground, formal gardens, and sand volleyball & baseball courts.

This park is located in the Fox River district of Waukesha, WI. It features an extensive trail that runs along the river. The trail starts near the playground and extends to Barstow Street.

There is also a fenced in baseball diamond with lights. The park is open by appointment for groups of eight or more.

The playground is also surrounded by a fence on the Fox River side. It is located near the bathrooms and open fields.

Caras de Waukesha/Faces of Waukesha

There was plenty to talk about in Waukesha on the day after Thanksgiving. A flurry of vigils, news conferences, and press releases rounded out the day as well as the evening. Not every victim was an immediate headliner, however. Several were released from the hospital on the following morning. Many of the injured remained there or transferred to other facilities in the area.

The most expensive city in Wisconsin, Waukesha reaffirmed its commitment to providing quality healthcare to the residents of its most populous city. Medical director of Children’s Wisconsin’s trauma center, Dr. Amy Drendel, is a proponent of the systemic approach to trauma treatment. She says the city’s burgeoning medical community will continue to work with it to achieve a healthier, safer Waukesha for years to come. Continue reading next article.



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