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Keep warm inside while also keeping the integrity of your grass or landscaping; call DeMark's to clear your property of snow.

Once the snow arrives, the last thing you want to have to think about is clearing snow so your day can keep moving. DeMark's is proud to offer snow removal services with the use of snow blowers, shoveling, and plows. Whatever your snow removal needs are, DeMark's is ready to assist!

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DeMark's offers three levels of snow removal packages - Sign up for unlimited snow removal monthly packages OR purchase individual snow removal services.

Premium Package


  • Unlimited Snowfall
  • Billed the first of each month
  • 2" Trigger depth
  • Driveway & Sidewalk clearing

Ultimate Package

Includes all of the Premium services, plus:

  • Walkway to front door Clearing

Legendary Package

Includes all of Premium & Ultimate Services, plus:

  • Ice Melt Applied

Frequently asked Questions

When do you begin clearing the snow?

Snow removal efforts begin when the snow has accumulated to 2″ or greater and when the snow has stopped falling.

What happens in a big snowstorm?

If 6″ of snow or greater are predicted we will do a quick clear of all driveways, so that you are able to get in and out of your home during the storm. Once the storm has subsided, we will go back and clear everything completely.

Will I be stuck waiting days for you to come shovel?

NO! We clear all properties on average in under 8 hours. During large snowstorms, it can take longer, but generally never longer than 12 hours.

Do you plow, shovel, or snow blow?

We offer a combination of plows equipped with URETHANE CUTTING EDGES shovels and snow blowers to provide the best level of clearing. Minimizing damaging, rusting, or removing the sealer off of your concrete.

What is ice melt?

ICE MELT WORKS BEST IN BITTER COLD CONDITIONS. When the temperature dips below 5°F? You’ll need something more powerful than regular rock salt to melt the snow and ice on your property. Our ice melt contains calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride and is effective to -20 degrees. Not only does ice melt lower the freezing point of water, but it also goes the extra step by generating heat. It goes to work instantly so you can get your day back on track in minutes.

Is ice melt safer than rock salt for pets & vegetation?

Rock salt can be harmful to vegetation. So if you have a garden or a well-kept landscape, you might want to think twice before

having a contractor spreading rock salt around your property. Moreover, rock salt isn’t the best option if you have pets. If your beloved little pup decides to ingest some of the rock salt, it could cause gastrointestinal issues. Not to mention rock salt can get in-between the cracks of their paws and cause some irritation.

Are you insured?

YES! We are fully insured with a $2 million liability policy should any issues arise. (Please view our certificate of insurance at the bottom of the proposal)

Are your workers covered under workman's comp?

YES! All of our workers are WC covered and receive proper training for each piece of equipment they will be operating.

Enjoy the Wisconsin winter inside, without worrying about the laborious (and cold) task of clearing snow from your property.

Cities we serve:

    • Brookfield
    • Delafield
    • Germantown
    • Hartford
    • Menomonee Falls
    • Mequon
    • Muskego
    • Nashotah
    • New Berlin
    • Oconomowoc
    • Pewaukee
    • Waukesha
    • Wauwatosa

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