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Clean windows are a reflection of your home. DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning knows that, which is why we guarantee professional results every time.

Your windows are an expensive component of your home and deserve proper cleaning and maintenance. The surface of your window glass is porous and filled with peaks and valleys. They easily capture and trap airborne debris diminishing their quality and can lead to decreased R‑Value, or the measure of resistance to heat gain or loss of thermal pane windows. DeMark’s recommends interior and exterior window cleanings twice per year and additional exterior window cleanings on an as-need basis to improve efficiency and reduce monthly heating and cooling costs.

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Residential Window Cleaning - Screen Washing

Window screens keep out unwanted particles and pests while letting in the fresh air, but they can easily become weak and damaged when dirty. It’s always cheaper to clean your screens than it is to replace them.

Windows will not look completely clean unless the screens in front or in the back of the surface are cleaned as well. DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning recommends screen washings with interior window service. The Screen Washer thoroughly cleans the entire screen and frame, using a unique brushing system that scrubs both sides of the screen at the same time. Our technicians dry each screen before replacing them in your home.

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