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Low-Pressure Roof Washing

A clean roof not only adds to curb appeal but will last longer as a more efficient component of your building. In Wisconsin’s humid climate, algae, mold, and more can grow on roofs causing damage, like shingle rot. Cleaning your roof as regular maintenance can help it last longer against the elements, as well as save your wallet by avoiding premature repair and replacement. Roof washing is actually one of the lowest costing maintenance tasks with a large return on investment when it comes to curb appeal and saleability.

In Wisconsin especially, our climate creates the perfect place for particular algae to grow. Drive through any neighborhood around town and you’ll probably see a house or two with black stains on the roof. That isn’t molded, it’s algae called Gloecapsa Magma.

Spread through airborne spores, this algae can quickly accumulate on your building’s asphalt shingles. Besides being an eyesore, this algae is actually living off your roof, and limestone fillers commonly used in shingles. If left alone, it can take years off the lifespan of a roof. This means you could be replacing your roof much sooner than you should need to, which can cost THOUSANDS of dollars. However, maintaining your roof with DeMark’s low-pressure method can keep your shingles clean and happy.

The DeMark's Difference

1. We use a low-pressure method that will not damage your asphalt shingles or void your roof’s warranty.

2. We use only environmentally safe and EPA-compliant cleaning agents (OSHA and environmental compliance).

3. We have developed a proven custom 100% biodegradable proprietary solution that includes special detergents to kill organic growth at the root.

4. We take every reasonable precaution to prevent damage to plants, shrubs, grass, and trees in surrounding areas. We will thoroughly wet all plants, including grass, shrubs, and trees. Remember the algae, mold, or lichen growing on your roof is a plant and must be killed at the root, or it can grow back in no time.

5. We post-treat your home, plants, shrubs, grass, and trees with a high-quality bleach-neutralizer and surfactant. Ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to sensitive siding and plants.

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