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Every year American cities spend an estimated $12 billion dollars on graffiti removal, many times with non-environmentally friendly, time-consuming, and ineffective methods. DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning can quickly remove all types of graffiti from your building surfaces. We use only environmentally friendly techniques and products that will not cause structural or visual harm to your property.

In most cases, hot water pressure washing is used to remove graffiti from walls, sidewalks, or buildings.

This method combined with specialized cleaning agents combines for a less abrasive treatment to the building’s exterior and surrounding environment. A poorly executed job can make your property look even worse, so trust the experts at DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning.

DeMark’s has successfully removed graffiti from all of the following surfaces:

  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Painted surfaces
  • Vinyl surfaces
  • Residential garage doors
  • Alleyways
  • Awnings

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