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Residential Window Washing: What You Need to Know

Window washing is an important task for any homeowner, and it’s one that should be done regularly to keep windows looking their best. It is, however, a task that many people don’t know how to properly complete. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about residential window washing, from the supplies you’ll need to the best techniques for getting your windows sparkling clean.

What is residential window washing?

Window washing is a two-part process: cleaning the glass and then cleaning the frame. You’ll need two different types of cleaner for each part of the process: a glass cleaner and a frame cleaner. Glass cleaner can be bought at any grocery or hardware store, but frame cleaner is a little more specialized and can be found at most window washing supply stores.

To clean the glass, start by spraying the glass cleaner onto the window. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the cleaner in a circular motion until the entire surface is covered. Then, use a squeegee to remove the cleaner and any dirt or grime from the window. Start at the top of the window and work your way down, using even strokes. Wipe the squeegee blade after each stroke to avoid streaking.

To clean the frame, start by spraying the frame cleaner onto a lint-free cloth. Wipe the cloth over the entire surface of the frame, taking care to get into all the nooks and crannies. Once the frame is clean, use a dry lint-free cloth to remove any residual cleaner.

Residential Window Washing
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What are the benefits of residential window washing?

Regular window washing has many benefits, both for your home and for your health. First, clean windows let in more light, making your home brighter and more inviting. Second, clean windows improve your home’s curb appeal, making it look more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. Third, clean windows can help you spot potential problems, like cracks or leaks, before they become serious. Finally, clean windows protect your health by reducing your exposure to dust, pollen, and other allergens.

How often should you wash your windows?

How often you wash your windows depends on a few factors, like the type of windows you have and the climate you live in. If you have standard double-hung windows, they should be washed at least twice a year. If you live in an area with a lot of pollen or dust, or if your windows are exposed to direct sunlight, you may need to wash them more often.

What are the best techniques for residential window washing?

There are a few different techniques you can use to get your windows sparkling clean. The first is the basic two-step process we described above: cleaning the glass and then cleaning the frame. This is a good option if your windows are only lightly soiled.

If your windows are very dirty, you may need to use a more intensive cleaning method. One option is to wash the windows with a solution of vinegar and water. To do this, mix one part vinegar with ten parts water in a bucket. 

Another option is to use a power washer. This is a good choice for very dirty windows, but it can also be used on lighter-duty jobs.

That’s all there is to residential window washing! With these simple tips, you’ll have your windows looking good as new in no time.

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