How ClickCallSell Gets More Pressure Washing Leads For Demark’s

How ClickCallSell Gets More Pressure Washing Leads For Demark’s

Finding a reliable digital marketing company was a challenge that we had at DeMark’s. We went from trying to do it ourselves, to bouncing from company to company finding out that their promises of leads were empty promises. Thankfully we were referred to ClickCallSell by the Conquer home service business coaching program and have been very pleased with the results they are providing.

Our Good Fit Call With ClickCallSell

After receiving the referral to ClickCallSell we went to their website and scheduled a Good Fit Call with their team. On that Zoom chat we expressed our frustrations with past marketing companies that we worked with, what our expectations were and went through our current online presence with them. They told us how they are different from other companies and what sets them apart.

New Pressure Washing Website

We decided to start from scratch and have their team build a new pressure washing website for DeMark’s. Our new website is built on WordPress which we wanted, is optimized for mobile and whenever we need changes we just email or call our account manager and they take care of it right away. As you can see they did an amazing job and we are very satisfied with their work.

Pressure Washing Google Ads Account

The next thing CCS did was build us a new pressure washing Google Ads account. The great thing about ClickCallSell is that they manage over $30,000 a month in ad spend on Google Ads for pressure washing and window cleaning companies all over the nation. The minute that we turned the ads live we began receiving calls and the amount we are spending per lead is much less than it was with previous marketing companies.

SEO For DeMark’s Window & Pressure Cleaning

Probably the service we are most happy with is the search engine optimization that ClickCallSell is doing for us. We have a very strong brand in our area but needed some help in the area of SEO. While I don’t claim to understand what goes into SEO, I can say that our search engine rankings have improved and for that we are thankful. We just started offering residential house washing services and they were able to help us rank that page specifically for our area.

High Quality Facebook Leads

Advertising on Facebook was kind of new for us. Of course we had boosted posts in the past but never really have had an active campaign to Facebook leads. We went ahead and allowed CCS to run some Facebook ads for us and after some tweaking the ads provide a consistent flow of leads when incorporated with our other marketing efforts.

DeMark’s Recommends ClickCallSell

If you are a pressure washing or window cleaning business and are looking for a good digital marketing company we highly recommend ClickCallSell. From the start they have been honest and transparent about what they can or cannot do for us. We are spending less and getting higher quality leads by working with them. If you decide to check them out tell them DeMark’s sent you!


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