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Keep warm inside while also keeping the integrity of you grass or landscaping; call DeMark's to clear your property of snow via snowblower.

Snow Blowing vs Plowing

Snow blowing & shoveling offers so many benefits over plowing. The main benefit is the much lower risk of property damage. Even an experienced snow plow operator runs the risk of scratching your driveway, tearing up your grass and landscaping, or hitting objects hidden by the snow. A snow blower operator has better sight lines and is more able to navigate your property in a safe manner.

The chances of a snow blower doing damage to your property are very low, especially with the type of snowblowers we use here at DeMark's . We almost exclusively use single stage snow blowers that have rubber paddles. Due to this, there is no risk of scratching or damaging a driveway. If our blowers do happen to catch anything, the damage will be extremely minimal because all contact points are rubber/plastic and not metal like a plow.

Another key benefit of snow blowing versus plowing is plow piles, or lack thereof. During long and heavy snowfall winters, snow piles get left behind from plows. As we all know, these can start to stack up extremely high on your front lawn. Not only are these piles, but they can be extremely frustrating for the homeowner. With a snow blower, we are able to disperse the snow in more evenly, allowing for fewer piles around the property. This also means the grass underneath will not be as affected come spring time.

Overall, hiring a company that uses snow blowers for residential snow removal in Wisconsin is a great option. And, unless your driveway is the size of a parking lot, the price will stay comparable if not. The service will be even better with a snow blower crew.

Here at DeMark's, we use only snow blower crews for residential snow removal services.

So enjoy the Wisconsin winter inside, without worrying about the laborious (and cold) task of clearing snow from your property.

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